“I really enjoy the relaxed classes walking around the town and parks and chatting with Gill in Spanish. She prepares vocabulary relating to things we will encounter on our walk and we practise those words. Any words or sentence constructions I don’t understand she will explain as we go. For me this is a great way of learning without having to be glued to Zoom or sitting in a classroom setting.”

Stewart, learning Spanish outdoors in Walk & Talk class

“I had the pleasure to work with Gill at EADA Business School in Barcelona in her capacity as Senior English Teacher and Coordinator of Language Programmes of the Language Department.

As a Teacher, she was appreciated by all her students as a professional and dedicated language expert, she was able to adapt to the many different fields of our collaborating companies: Pharmaceutical, Banking, Services, Car industry etc. and was highly regarded for her willingness to go the extra mile.

Her role as Coordinator of Language Programmes required excellent organization and technical skills. She was adept at all aspects of this job and willing to help the management staff in the day to day running of programmes and the large team of teachers in developing their classroom skills and fulfilling any administrative tasks.”

Paula Bosworth, International Corporate Manager, EADA Business School, Spain

“I started taking classes with Gill four years ago and I really feel that my speaking and pronunciation improved significantly. She really is a lovely lady and I highly recommend her to anyone in need of English classes.”

Piotr, from Poland, Process Manager at Essex Safety Glass, UK

“When my daughter started in her new secondary school, she had a little French comprehension, but she was to learn Spanish, as a new language, from year 8, which she was worried about. Her confidence was further undermined as about two thirds of her classmates had learned some Spanish at Junior School. After a shaky start, we engaged Gill to tutor her for an hour a week. The improvement in her Spanish both written and verbal was almost instantaneous and as her confidence grew her participation in class increased, further boosting the belief in her linguistic ability.

The real proof of the significantly positive impact Gill’s tuition has had on our daughter is that we recently received an email from her Spanish teacher saying how “pleased she was with our daughter’s progress in Spanish” and asking us that we relay that she is doing “really well” and to “encourage her to carry on her efforts”.
Our daughter really enjoys her hour with Gill, and their lessons are tailored towards her current schoolwork and/or discussing topics that interest our daughter and the related vocabulary.

Thank you, Gill, for transforming both the enjoyment and results of our daughter’s Spanish lessons.”
Mike, father of a year 9 student learning Spanish

“I studied English with Gill in Witham for 3 years.  When I started classes, I was nervous about speaking and had a very low level (A1).  But in the classes, Gill helped me become more confident speaking and suggested homework to help me learn the grammar that we practised in class.  The classes and the homework really helped me a lot and I now speak much more with English people at work and socially.  I also understand better when I watch TV series in English.   At first I did classes alone, but then I did the classes with my sister-in-law, when our levels were similar (B1-B2).  I enjoyed the classes and would recommend Gill as an English teacher.”

Beata, from Poland, working for a manufacturing company in the UK

“I highly recommend taking classes with Gill. She is the most patient teacher I have ever had. She helped me to improve my pronunciation and speaking, grammar and presentation skills.  After studying with her at Essex University, I felt much more confident speaking English. The classes were always enjoyable and you could talk with her about every topic you’re interested in. Moreover, she is a very positive, warm and inspiring person.”

Mohsen Mansour, from Saudi Arabia.  Former Essex University student and current PhD student at Sheffield University

“Gill is an excellent Spanish teacher and having lived in Barcelona in Spain is a fluent Spanish speaker with a good accent. She adapts her lessons to the individual student, from a beginner to a more advanced student. From personal experience, I find that she is an enthusiastic teacher who passes on her love of the Spanish language to a student. I now have more confidence to converse with Spanish people when I go on holiday.”

Josephine Jones, studying Spanish in retirement

“I did English classes with Gill on various occasions when I was visiting family in the UK. My experience with her was very useful and satisfying; she is a well-prepared teacher who can find the right exercises to improve specific skills and that are relevant to me. When I started classes with Gill, I could understand only short sentences, even from my relatives-in-law; now I can understand much more. I miss our classes because I don’t have time to study now and they were so useful for me!”

Debora, from Italy

“My son is studying A-Level Spanish and has been seeing Gill following a recommendation from another one of her tutees. We are thrilled with his progress. He is gaining confidence and his fluency and pronunciation with speaking have rapidly improved alongside his grades.
I highly recommend Gill, as she is a kind and confident teacher. She also ensures that the lessons are individually tailored to support my son’s learning.”

Sarah, mother of year 12 student studying Spanish