“The important thing is not to stop questioning.”  Albert Einstein

Which languages does Anglia Languages offer?

English and Spanish classes which are tailored to meet the students’ needs and are communicative and engaging.

How long are the classes?

Class length varies but most students choose to study between one to three hours per week. This can be agreed between the student and tutor before the first class, with flexibility to suit the student’s schedule, where possible.

How many classes will I need?

This depends on a number of factors, such as the student’s objectives, time constraints and budget. Most students have long term goals and prefer to study at a pace they are comfortable with and that fits in with other commitments. Some students choose to do a shorter course to refresh their language skills or prepare for a presentation or exam.

How do I know my language level?

The tutor will assess your level before the classes begin, or in the first class. This is usually done in a short “getting to know you” conversation session.  The tutor may also ask you to send a sample of your writing for a more complete level assessment.

Can I study with a friend/partner?

Classes can be one-to-one, one-to-two, or in small groups.  If doing classes with others, it is important that students have a similar level and needs.   The tutor can assess these before the start of a course.

Where do the classes take place?

Classes currently take place online or in-person indoors or outdoors at a suitable location agreed between student and tutor.  If in-person, any UK government Covid restrictions in place at the time must be followed.

How do online classes differ from in-person classes?

There are both limitations and advantages to learning online. There may be technological issues and a feeling of distance which make learning more of a challenge.  However, if both student and tutor are well-disposed to this way of learning and flexible, the challenges can be overcome.  Being able to study from home is a benefit for many students.   Video conferencing platforms offer advanced features which can facilitate and enhance the learning experience online.  In terms of class content, there is little or no difference.

How much do classes cost?

Prices vary depending on type of class and number of students. If two or more students take a class together, the price per person is lower.   Please enquire for more information or if you would like a quotation.

How are the courses structured?

As the materials are adapted to each student’s own objectives and learning style, the course structure can vary from one student to another. In some cases, a book may be used to provide a more structured course with clear progression from one level to the next.   Or there may be more flexibility, with the course evolving as the student progresses and finds their needs change too.

What type of class content is there?

Some examples of general class content are given under each language section on this website. The material is adapted to the student’s needs and the tutor uses a variety of activities in class which give the student practice in different areas.  A typical class might have new language input followed by controlled practice and then free practice, with a focus on communication.  The student is encouraged to use the language learnt in a personalised way so that it is more memorable and relevant. 

Will I need to do homework?

As the classes are tailored to the student’s needs, this is usually decided by the student. However, the tutor will usually recommend that some work outside of class is done, even if it is just a review of new language learnt in class.